TRANSMODAL is a company specialized in the transport of abnormal loads (heavy weigths and oversized cargo) whose roots can be found in the 19th century. It has inherited the trailers, know how, skilled professionals and experience forged during over a hundred years. Transportes Intermodales 2002 S.L. is headquartered in Lliçá de Vall (Barcelona) and is the result of the transformation of several companies that, since 2002 use the comercial name of TRANSMODAL.

TRANSMODAL carries the highest volume of heavy transport in Catalonia and eastern Spain and we also have several projects with an international scope. 

Our customers come from a variety of industries, among the most important ones there are: Nuclear and Thermal Power plants, Chemical Industries, Petrol Refineries, Engineering Offices and factories of heavy lift components such as Generators, Turbines and Transformers.