Railway Transport

TRANSMODAL has its own specialized equipment and vehicles for handling and transport of heavy loads. Lately it has performed several transports of reactors well over 600 T in weight or columns of 10 m in diameter and exceeding 60 m in length. For such type of transport, several tools and equipment are required such as reinforced jumping beams or girdle vehicles.

TRANSMODAL also performs movements of harbour cranes within ports or positioning FAS of large components which are then assembled in the port area because of their dimensions and /or weight which do not allow the transport by road.

TRANSMODAL is leader in transport of components for the Combined Cycle Power Plants (Turbines, Generators, Transformers, etc.) having performed most of the transports for this Power Plants within the Iberian Peninsular, Balearic and Canary Islands.


Transport of 1 Transformer 260 T by Railway.