Combined Transport

When weight and dimensions of large SODC units do not allow transport exclusively by land - railway or road - from origin to final destination, it will be necessary to have recourse to a Combined Land-Sea-Land transport.

Our specialized staff has indeed the entire expertise to perform such transports using our own Railway wagons or specialized vehicles and chartering space for the maritime leg, and so eventually proceed to final destination.


Combined transport Land / Barge / Land - Coke Drum 310 T destination BP Castellon

Combined Transport Land / Air in Valencia – 1 Rotor 100 T destination Siemens U.S.A.


Combined Transport Railway / Road – Transformer 260 T


Combined Transport Maritime / road - Trafo 270 T, destination S/S Can Barba


Combined Transport Maritime / Road in Huelva - Item 56,00 x 6,80 x 7,00 m = 330 T